FP Dual del Agua


Water Dual FP, the best way to get a quality job


The Dual FP is a modality where the student combines the training at the school with the activity inside the company, learning contents and thematic in direct connection at the professional reality. This modality aims to create quality jobs, where the employer can be solvent in a few months and has the opportunity of being learning all the time.

Viaqua promotes this training modality since 2017, when we started to collaborate with Xunta de Galicia and the CIFP Politécnico de Santiago de Compostela. Recently increase the offer collaborating with the CIFP Ferrolterra. An example of public-private collaboration and establishment of alliances.

The students of the Water Dual FP will get a solid training, dominating tools adapted to the work reality.

It is a key educational model to combat youth unemployment and promote economic recovery. The job placement rate is over 70% among young people under 25 years of age. The success of this educational model, based on collaboration between public administrations, educational centers and companies, allows employment, talent and productivity to be brought together.

When does the next edition start?

The next edition of the FP Dual da agua will start in September 2022 at CIFP Ferrolterra. 64% of the training will take place in the educational center and 36% with internships in the company.

What do you learn to do?

Carry out the assembly, operation and maintenance of water networks, as well as operate and maintain the equipment and installations of water treatment stations, applying the current regulations and established protocols of quality, safety and prevention of occupational risks, as well as ensuring its functionality and respect for the environment.

When can I sign up?

The registration period will open in the second half of June and will remain open until the 15 places offered are filled.

Where can I enroll?

Those interested must register at the center where they want to complete the training: CIFP Politécnico de Santiago or CIFP Ferrolterra.

Where will I do the internship?

The internships will take place in different Viaqua centers located in the four Galician provinces, where they will go through different works related to the urban water cycle: Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP), Drinking Water Treatment Plants (ETAP) and network work .


More information about the Dual FP at CIFP Politécnico de Santiago: https://www.politecnicodesantiago.es/gl/inf_cm_reta2

More information about the Dual FP at  CIFP Ferrolterra aquíhttp://www.edu.xunta.gal/centros/cifpferrolterra/node/1716