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Viaqua, managing your water

At Viaqua, we manage a drinking water network measuring 6,230 km, which distributes 64 hm3 a year to 48 towns in A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra, meeting the needs of over 765,000 residents.

Viaqua employs 550 people, who each year receive over 13,000 h of training between them. They use the latest technology and effective knowledge management and adapt to the needs of all our customers, without exception, and ensure sustainable use of available resources.

  • Service figures for 2022

    Water service figures for 2022

    Item Value
    km of network supplied 6,230
    hm3 of water supplied 64
    Drinking water treatment plants 45
    Water quality control points More than 400
    Annual assessments More than 24,300
    km of sewer network 3,899
    Wastewater pumping stations 298
    hm3 of treated wastewater 64
    Wastewater treatment plants 32