Presentación VIAQUA

Providing our services to 48 towns and municipalities

Welcome to the Viaqua website

Viaqua is a company in the environmental sector that manages all processes related to the complete water cycle in Galicia (Spain). After 47 years’ experience in Galicia, we have a thorough understanding of the particularities of water in our region. We operate in 48 towns in the four provinces and meet the needs of over 765,000 Galicians.

The Viaqua model is based on excellence of service, experience and generating value. We always work to achieve the highest quality standards in providing services to our customers: homes, companies, institutions and government. A strength that is also based on constant technological innovation and sustainable use of all available water resources.

Sustainable management means we can offer our customers a service commitment based on quality assurance and care for the environment. Each time you turn on the tap in your house, Viaqua professionals are providing all their knowledge and innovation to each stage of the urban water cycle.

Viaqua is a responsible company with a marked environmental nature that manages the complete water cycle. Our raw material is water, a very precious resource. Consequently, we implement environmentally responsible and efficient behaviour during the entire water production process. We can only contribute to maintaining the ecological balance with the natural environment and sustainable development if we are consistent in our approach.

Transparency in management and care of the public, as well as efficiency, sustainability and social responsibility, are the pillars of our management model, which is reflected in our mission, vision and values.

  • Vision: The company we want to be

    • A benchmark in Galicia in complete water cycle management.
    • One that offers the professionalism of our team of personnel and suppliers, promoting teamwork, transparency, communication and collaboration.
    • With a well-structured and motivated customer-centred organisation, offering the highest levels of quality and safety.
  • Mission: What we do to achieve this

    • Manage the complete water cycle as a public service of prime necessity, guaranteeing access for Galician society in terms of both quantity and quality, in a framework of protecting the environment and quality of life.
    • Strengthen and secure the image of Viaqua in terms of quality, efficiency, service continuity, safety, technological innovation, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
    • Provide customers with innovative, value-added products and services based on quality, efficiency and social and environmental commitment.
  • Values: Our guiding principles

    • Quality and excellence: seeking the highest quality standards for our products and services and professionalism among our workers.
    • Occupational health and safety: prioritised in Viaqua’s activities above all else.
    • Proximity and transparency: open, participative dialogue.
    • Technology and innovation in constant development through R&D&I.
    • Social responsibility: carrying out actions that improve people’s quality of life.
    • A company committed to the environment and proactively protecting it.

We want this website to provide our clients with a window of information to learn about all these aspects, making transparency, support and simple transactions a daily reality and not a future goal.